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My name’s Anthony Gaughan and I work as an English Language Teacher and Teacher-Trainer in Germany.  I started working in ELT in 1995 and over the past 21 years I have mostly worked in the UK and Germany, with short trips to Poland, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Slovenia and Slovakia.

These days, I mostly work as a main course tutor and assessor for the CELTA award.  I also work as a Delta Module 2 tutor, and have also worked as a local tutor for the Distance Delta as well as an online tutor for the Trinity Diploma in TESOL, specialising in methodology.

I hold Qualified Teacher Status (PGCE-QTS) in the UK state education system, the Cambridge ESOL DELTA, a BA in English Language and Literature, and I am currently working on my dissertation for an MA in Applied Linguistics and ELT.

I believe in professional development and I practise what I preach by volunteering for local and international associations, most recently as the coordinator for TDSIG – the Teacher Development Special Interest Group of IATEFL.  I also present regularly at local and international ELT conferences, most recently as part of the British Council Signature Event at IATEFL 2015

I am especially interested in unplugged approaches such as DOGME ELT as well as use of technology.  As time goes on, I realise more and more that what I am searching for in teaching – and in life – is simplicity.

I hope you find something here which stimulates you – feel free to add your thoughts as comments to my posts here, or to contact me using this contact form or via anthony@teachertrainingunplugged.com

The small print.

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Sorry about this but you can’t be too careful…


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