WEBINAR ALERT: What Makes A Lesson GREAT? – 28 June 1pm CET

What Makes a Lesson GREAT? - Presentation cover slide
Curious? Come along to my first ever Webinar to find out more!
Powered by the British Council.

Tomorrow (that’s Thursday 28 June 2012) at 1pm to 2pm Central European Time, I am honoured to be giving a Webinar at the invitation of the British Council Teaching English team.

I will be summarising and exploring the ideas and issues that you can read about in my recent posts on What makes a lesson GREAT?

If you have read the posts, I hope to add some new thoughts and have a chance to discuss your ideas with you; if you have’t read them, this is a good opportunity to catch up quickly!

The Webinar is being held in Adobe Connect and capacity is limited – so don’t be late or you won’t get a seat!

You can enter the Webinar space by clicking on the image above or following this link: http://t.co/X8bNRpex

Looking forward to seeing you there!

All the best,


PS: If you can’t make it, the British Council will be making the recording available online.


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