No Sleep ’til Harrogate…

As some of you might know already, we will be running a workshop entitled Teacher Training Unplugged: simplifying initial teacher education at the IATEFL Conference in Harrogate, UK, on Thursday 8th April, 16:05-17:05 hrs (Conference Room).  The talk is part of the Teacher Training & Education Special Interest Group Special Programme on that day and we are very honoured to have been selected as part of it.

We will be using the hour to sketch out our reasons for changing our approach to running our CELTA course and exploring the process of change, as well as offering the audience chances to reflect on how our work may provide them with the impetus and tools to make similar changes in their work.

We are very excited and also very nervous about this: excited because we will have the chance to see who else out there has been working on similar ideas; nervous because it will be our first time speaking to such a (hopefully!) large and international audience, and it will certainly be the first time we have spoken about our work in that kind of public forum.

To add to the thrill, our session may also be recorded and accessible from the IATEFL/British Council website, if you cannot come to join us in person, perhaps you can see us later!


  • Our team of CELTA trainers had a meeting yesterday to reassess some of our practices (not as radical as yours but we referred to what you were doing quite a lot). Two of us will definitely be at your IATEFL talk – in the flesh! We’re really looking forward to it.

    Break a leg!


    • Thank you very much, Johanna! Izzy aand I are looking forward to seeing you there! It will be really exciting to hear about what you have been doing and the outcome of your team meeting. I don’t know how radical we are being really, but I do know it is a radical departure from our previous way of working.

      I’m off to have a look at your blog now – very excited about what I’ll see!

      Best wishes,


    • Nice to know you’ll be there in spirit! My colleague Izzy is about to post “how to unplug day two”, which is a bit long but hopefully interesting.

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