What Makes a Lesson GREAT? – slideshow

I’ve just finished my first Webinar on what makes a lesson GREAT and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it!

It was strange talking into thin air for almost an hour but it was lovely to see so many people there and participating through comments: thank you all for coming.  I know how busy teachers’ days are, so I truly appreciate it.

As it was my first time, I totally messed up the upload of my presentation slides, and had to work with an incomplete set – serves me right for not checking in advance!  However, here they are, in all their intended glory.  You can either play it as a slideshow (each slide is set for 10 seconds so you can read the text-heavy ones) or you can click through.

Thank you for being patient with me.

PS: Note that the URL given on the first slide is now out of date – but if you are reading this, you know that already!


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